See & Spray Tractors

See & Spray Tractors

Use computer vision and machine learning to target spray weeds in season in corn, soybeans and cotton – and use less herbicide per acre. Available on select 400 and 600 Series Sprayers.

Add targeted, in-season weed control to your existing MY18 and newer 400 or 600 Series sprayer, as well as R-Series models. The See & Spray Premium Precision Upgrade can help you save on herbicide usage and reduce tender stops.

1Cover your fallow fields using advanced camera and nozzle-control technology to spray only emerged weeds – and use less herbicide per acre. Available on 400 and 600 Series Sprayers.

Our sprayers help you consistently spray more acres a day without feeling it. The cab surrounds you in comfort, while improvements to spray quality help ensure consistent application, so you can work faster and more precise.

Hagie’s single-tank solution (STS) sprayers combine the best of Hagie engineering with John Deere technology for a machine that works in any season. From split-application of nitrogen to late-season fungicide application, Hagie helps you Enter the Field Any Day.™

Apply product faster and cover more acres between fills compared with previous models. The redesigned cab surrounds you in comfort to make your long days feel short. Offering two cab packages with updated lighting options, the floater can be configured as either a liquid, dry or air boom system.