Row Crop Tractors

Row Crop Tractors

Magnificient Integrated Farms Ltd also deals with the sale and importation of high quality and durable heavy duty row crop tractors for farmland operations. Our tractors aren't limited to what we have on the site. Please reach out to us on further details.

230 to 410 HP Take the next leap forward with the 8 Series Tractors, available in wheel, two-track, and four-track configurations. These tractors are designed to provide the hydraulic capacity and horsepower to handle large planters and implements

210 to 350 HP Multi-functional. Multi-talented. The 7 Series Tractors deliver a refined cab, plus integrated intelligence and high-power density.

145 to 250 HP For premium performance and comfort 6R Tractors are for you. Enjoy the most power and comfort in a utility tractor. Perfect for long days in the hay field or moving materials, choose one of the four frames of the 6R Tractors.

145 to 195 HP If you need a mid-spec utility tractor that's perfect for bailing hay, moving snow, feeding herds or roadside mowing the 6M Tractors are for you. Choose one of the four frames of the 6M Tractors to meet any need on your farm or ranch